Professional Belly Dance Artist in Colorado Springs, CO

Specializing in Oriental and Belly Dance-Western Fusion styles of dance.

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"Tabla Tempest" Studio Performance

"Tabla Tempest" music by Neisa Salima. Video by Allison Pareis. Costume by Pharaonics of Egypt and L. Rose Designs.


Classic Inspired Short Belly Dance Set Show Performance

A classic inspired belly dance set, including taxim (Kanoun Taxim by Roy Aslan and Harry Saroyan), zills (Fiery Furnace, composer unknown) and drum solo (Cycle of Life, composer unknown). Costume by Talking Hips and Sarah.


Clip with Fire at Tajine Alami Moroccan Restaurant

Music "Tnaal Ya Hiewa" by Badawi and Chamoun. Video by Allison Pareis. Costume by Pharaonics of Egypt.


Neisa in Commercial for The Caspian Cafe

Commercial for the Caspian Cafe in Colorado Springs, featuring Neisa at about :21.  
(I figure I have about 14:56 of my 15 minutes of fame left. --Neisa)


Neisa Fire Dance

Performance at "Shimmying Through The 60s" themed show. Music "Within You, Without You" by The Beatles. Video by Allison Pareis.


Neisa Dancing to Lindsey Sterling

Neisa dancing to "Crystallize" by Lindsey Sterling. Costume by Talking Hips and Shoshanna's Souk.


Neisa Dancing to Yundah

Neisa dancing to "Yundah" by Mary McLaughlin at "1001 Nights: Storytelling Through Dance." This non-traditional performance tells the story of a Selkie, a Celtic seal shape-shifter, torn between her human lover and the call of the ocean. Costume by Talking Hips and Shoshanna's Souk. Video by Resonant Video Productions.


Neisa Dancing to Engel by Rammstein

Neisa dancing to "Engel" by Rammstein at a show with a theme of non-traditional performances. Video by AR26 Photography. Scale costume by Neisa.